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This revolutionary product was discovered as a result of research done to uncover the secret and cause of the increased longevity of the people of Hunzaland. Researchers discovered that the main ingredient of the water, Silica, acquires an electrical charge and helps to reduce free radicals like no other nutritional supplement in the world. Measured with the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) meter, it is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. In living tissue studies, Silica Hydride, now made from rice flour, increases NADH, the precursor to ATP, the energy source with no added calories or stimulation. Each time a capsule of Silica Hydride is consumed, powerful things happen to improve overall physical and mental health and by supplying an abundance of Free Electrons, the ultimate food of Life. Silica Hydride does the following:

• Reduces free radical damage, which can predispose to cancer and degenerative disorders.
• Imparts antiaging benefits on skin and internal organs, + may reverse residual damage.
• Is an alkalizer: Prevents the body from becoming acidic.
• Improves biological terrain, especially within mitochondria where ATP is produced.
• Increases cell hydration by restructuring water to the hexagonal form.
• Improves cellular communication.
• Reduces soreness and fatigue from lactic acid after exercise.
• Recharges other antioxidants, such as vitamin C, by donating free electrons, the food of life.
• Improves memory, emotions, intellectual, brain and neurological function.
• Increases NAHD, the precursor to ATP the energy source, with no added calories.
• Enhances the functioning of every system and organ, including sleep, libido, digestion, and appetite.
• Has possible antiaging benefit on telomeres which limit our potential life span to 120 years.

Antioxidant activity
Silica Hydride has been proven to be an outstandingly potent antioxidant. Silica Hydride has the ability to scavenge the superoxide radical and hydroxyl radical, the most dangerous of all oxidized free radicals while recharging all other antioxidants in the body. Hunza Water (a hydrogen supplement) has an ORAC score approximately ten times higher than any known food thus making Hunza Water perhaps the world’s strongest antioxidant supplement.
Free radicals are unstable toxic compounds generated by everyday metabolic processes. Although the presence of these compounds is normal, poor eating habits, pollution, stress, and other factors have led to an increase in the number of free radicals created in our bodies. An unhealthy diet, full of processed foods high in fat or sugar, toxins in the air and present-day stresses all lead to an increase in free radical production.

Free radicals, created through oxidation, are compounds that have lost an electron. They travel through the body, stealing electrons from vital tissues. Normal, healthy cells are damaged as molecules are forced to surrender their electrons to a free radical. This can impair the intracellular DNA and RNA, cell membranes, and numerous other important molecules in the cellular environment. Damage caused by free radicals is closely linked to many degenerative diseases and is a direct cause of most cancers. Consumption of antioxidants helps support general health and delay the signs of aging.

Energy Production
Oxygen burns (oxidizes) food molecules, producing energy in the form of electrons to fuel the living system. Electrons reduce NAD to NADH, the precursor to ATP, the main source of energy in the mitochondria. Silica Hydride provides the highest number of electrons, by far, of any antioxidant available, and can be demonstrated using an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter. This is why athletes and other customers have reported a noticeable increase in energy when consuming Silica Hydride. There are no byproducts of metabolism to be broken down by liver or kidneys from this pure form of energy.

Each capsule of Silica Hydride contains 300 mg of nanocolloidal silicate mineral, a compound of silica and hydrogen that can carry loosely-bound free electrons around the body in animals and humans. The extra electron is freely given to neutralize free radicals, rendering them harmless. Silica Hydride is available in bottles of 60 or 120 capsules, or in bulk powder form (100 gms).